Your September Challenge!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it this September is a modern day PDA (Public Display of Affection)! This challenge is open to ANYONE who is currently or has previously trained with us, either in the gym or one of our outdoor programs.

Anytime during the rest of August or September, your task is to write us a testimonial of your experience of training with us, publicly, on any social media.

An example of your testimonial could be a pic like this one with the paragraph “I have been training with IntoYou for a year now. I love how they include my daughter in the training, and it has turned in to a real bonding experience for both of us! She now pushes me to get to the gym!” #intoyousfs

The testimonial has to be:

  • At least one full paragraph
  • Accompanied by a photo
  • Hashtag’d with #intoyousfs (this makes it possible for us to find your testimonial across social media networks)
  • If you can, but not a worry if not, tag any one of us trainers and/or @intoyousfs

There’s a good example here of a paragraph (minus the photo). The testimonial won’t transcend your privacy settings, but we will turn it in to a blog post and share that. An example of this is here.

Every photo + testimonial will get one entry in to our draw, the more you shout your experience to the winds, the more entries you get! And the prize is worth it!

We want to contribute to, and enhance, your quality of life. If we are achieving this, then let us know!

The Prize for our September Challenge is:

  • A Sample Pack: which includes one massage, one styling & self esteem session, a nutrition consult, a free one on one, and a free IntoMum session.
  • Saturday’s Learn to Lift session for FREE until the end of the year!
  • Bootcamp on Thursday mornings at 8am for FREE (whole program excl. Saturdays and the End of Year Party)

So get writing peeps! The winner will be drawn on Wednesday 2nd October!

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