Yoga Night Starts 12th October!

Yoga Night will be starting on the 12th October at 630pm, 7pm, and 730pm – with plans to schedule more sessions at 5pm, 530pm, and 6pm if they go well!

This is the first authentic yoga integrated with Power Plate in the WHOLE WORLD! Sessions are on the same schedule as IntoMums, so you don’t need to change your membership to participate!
Our Current IntoMum Schedule is:
$30/wk for unlimited ZOOM sessions
$30/wk for one in-studio session a week
$49/wk for two in-studio sessions a week, plus unlimited ZOOM sessions for FREE
$60.50/wk for three or more sessions a week (you can only book 3 regulars, but can participate in as many extras as there is room for, for free), plus unlimited ZOOM sessions for FREE

Your trainer can sort out your sessions and payment when you’re in the gym next, just give us a head’s up in regards to what you want to do!

Let us tell you what we have planned for Yoga Night so you can get excited:

6.30pm Yoga Therapy: This session will have a Lower body emphasis, with therapeutic hip and pelvic movements, helping them with opening up. We will be going head to head with the changes over time that sitting and modesty create in your legs and pelvis. This session is great for people with abdominal or pelvic floor scars, or who have experienced birth or sexual trauma, or those living with chronic neck, hip, or knee pain.

7pm Whole Body Yoga Sweat and Flow: This session is harder than the above session in intensity but will still be suitable for beginners and all body types. In this session we defy the “yoga body” stereotype and endorse an all-inclusive, diverse range of ability and expectations style yoga that is literally for anyone who wishes to move in this way.

7.30pm Yin Comfort and Balance: We finish Yoga Night with a gentle balance session incorporating comforting movements, designed to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (ie. Getting you OUT of fight or flight and showing yourself some love). This session is perfect for winding down, de-stressing, and preparing for a great night’s sleep.

All sessions include a meditation to finish, and because we have Power Plate, we can get you zen a lot quicker than we could on a mat alone.

Launch Night is FREE, but strictly limited to 4 participants in each session, so book now using the links above. Please notify us if you have a Power Plate and would like to attend from home: 0410 508 101 OR [email protected] 

Claire will also be providing 30min, 1on1 mediation and bespoke yoga sessions, incorporating power plate where possible on Monday afternoons and evenings. These are perfect to complement your training, use your make-up sessions, or to tag before or after a massage for the perfect hormone balancing experience! Down-training your nervous system is as good for you as walking, lifting weights, and eating vegetables! Deep breathing is as powerful for disease prevention as cardio exercise, and maintaining a health weight! Claire’s skills are the perfect complement to our mission to make your lives better in every possible way! You can book her one on one for massage, reiki, facials, yoga, or meditation here!

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