Yoga Inspired Strength Training

Here are a few ideas, inspired by popular Yoga positions,  for those of you who wish to stretch and strengthen in the same session:
1) The Jump-Through:
Strengthens back, abs, triceps, chest (if you add a push up).
Stretches lower back, chest/shoulders.
Mobilises shoulders and lower back.

2) Up Down Dog:
Strengthens chest, triceps, shoulders, core, abs.
Stretches calves, hamstrings, chest, and back.
Mobilises spine and scapular (shoulder blades)

3) Warrior: three versions here
Strengthens thighs, butt, calves, core, balance, back (if you use the elastic).
Stretches hips, groin, abs, chest (if you use the elastic).
Mobilises ankles and feet, spine (if you do the twist).

Version one, a simple, held position, yoga posture.









Version two, first with a powerplate, then add the freeform board, then add the chest stretch, adn the twist is for good measure – for very strong and well balanced people only!

Version three, a Low intensity, static hold, yoga position on the Power Plate.

4) Tree Pose on the Power Plate (at least i think it’s the tree!!)
Strengthens legs, butt, balance, calves, feet.
Stretches neck, shoulder blades, ITB.
5) Side Warrior with a Pull Down (cable): This one solves the problem of only having pushing movements in a Yoga session, by adding the cable and a pulling motion.
Strengthens waist, back, lat’s, biceps.
Stretches inner thigh, waist, lats.
Mobilises the spine in a sideways motion.

6) The Good-Old Hover: and it’s variations.
Strengthens abs and shoulders.
Doesn’t really stretch or mobilise anything, but creates a strong core “base” with which we can work from (like if we added the scorpion legs we would be stretching the back and butt and mobilising the spine).

Yoga is a fantastic method of strength training, because it both stretches and strengthens. The PowerPlate and FreeForm board are great complimentary tools to increase the intensity.
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