A Word on Confidence

Our mission at IntoYou is to “motivate you in your health journey by sharing our knowledge, making it fun, celebrating your achievements, and working towards balance and happiness“. The key thing to achieving this is confidence.

Confidence to try new things, rather than “i couldn’t do that”, “i’ll give is a go”

Confidence to move in new ways, rather than “I’m un-co”, “I don’t care what i look like!”

Confidence to take on big adventures, you never know if you can until you try!

Confidence to participate in life with your kids, rather than just watching them.

Confidence in having your say, rather than avoiding conflict.

… and the caveat is, after watching up speak up, step up, and participate, we instil that same confidence in our kids.

Confidence to try something even when there’s a risk of failing; only 10 of our 18-strong Hike Nepal group made it to Everest Base Camp last year. However, this doesn’t diminish the effort and amazing-ness of the trip!

At IntoYou, we strive to achieve this in 3 ways:

  1. We all know that confidence opens doors, but how do we help ourselves, our mums, and their families achieve it? In what could be a large social experiment, we have taken lessons from some of the biggest universities in the world, including Harvard. We know that a person’s self talk will result in success or failure, so we speak to our clients the same way that we’d like them to speak to themselves; the language that we use, as trainers, can help boost a person’s chances of success by focusing them on the positives. This then becomes a habit, and transfers to other aspects of life. For example, the skills you need to lift a heavy weight are transferable to experiencing difficulties in other aspects of life.
  2. The next thing we do, is offer Styling. If a person can literally see themselves looking good, we start to overcome the habitual self-loathing that occurs in some women’s minds, and replace it with a boosted self-esteem! Much like what happened to Sue Jones! Can you imagine being habitually positive about outcomes and liking what you see when you look in the mirror? How would that feel? is it any wonder that these people are more successful?
  3. The third way we achieve our objective is to provide opportunities. Programs like our Overseas Adventures, Surfing Group, and School Holiday Adventure Program are all safe opportunities to dip your toes in to the “unknown”. Trying something scary and either succeeding or finding out that it isn’t that scary, boosts confidence.

Providing opportunities for all. This team completed Tough Mudder together in 2016; the grandma in her 50’s, the dad in his 40’s, and the personal trainer in her 20’s…

Our course for trainers, How to Be Satisfied with Your Body, passes these skills on to other personal trainers. Our vision is to see our positive attitudes and habits flourish in our gym, in our clients, and in the trainers that train with us!

Training personal trainers; having and instilling confidence will change lives

As a start, have a look at your habits. What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? If you’re always hiding your arms or your ass, why not try to draw attention to what you DO like? This way your focus moves to the positive rather than always looking at what you don’t like. Do you watch your kids participate in sport or participate yourself? Is there something on your bucket list that you always wanted to do but never had the confidence to try? A little self-reflection can go a long way to changing your own life’s outcome.

We work hard to change our client’s lives by using language, habit, and styling.

… and if you need a hand, we are always here! If you haven’t already, try our Sample Pack, or our Complete Pack for ongoing assistance in turning your health and wellbeing around for GOOD!

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