WIN the October Challenge Without Flogging Yourself? YOU READ RIGHT!

WIN a Monthly Challenge without exercising to the point of looking for a bucket? or being sore for weeks? It’s too good to be true….

Actually, it’s not, but it is still a challenge!

October’s Challenge will run for 6 weeks. The “challenge” part comes from actually attending all your scheduled sessions in that time (yes, you can make them up). If you currently train 1x weekly, then you must train 1x weekly for 6 weeks and you will fulfil the challenge. If you do 3x IntoMum weekly, then you must complete 3x IntoMum weekly for 6 weeks to fulfil the challenge….

But it still sounds too easy doesn’t it!

You’d be right, there’s more! Everytime you come and train, you have to “check in” on Facebook with a photo. Every. Single. Time.

All right, so the challenge has been disclosed, and although it’s not exactly peachy we didn’t lie when we said you didn’t have to exercise until death! You can win this challenge simply by being consistent.

Oh, and the PRIZE!! Everyone who achieves the 6 weeks, attend, checking, and photo challenge will go into the draw to win a Sample Pack. The Sample Pack is by far the biggest prize we have offered to date, with over $500 of training, nutrition, massage, and styling!

So get to it IntoYouse’s! and GOOD LUCK!

How to Check in on Facebook:

  1. Open the Facebook App on your phone
  2. Chose “check in”, on the right hand side of your “post” box.
  3. If you’re in the gym, “IntoYou” should be first on the list!
  4. Tag your friends or “frenemies” ie. your training buddies or trainer!
  5. Take a picture
  6. Say something (Quotes are always good!)
  7. Post!
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