WHY Yoga on the Power Plate?

Firstly, let’s ask the question, why does one do yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices that recognizes the multi-dimensional nature of a person. In Yoga these multi- dimensional aspects are bought together through practices that incorporate mind, body and breath. In other words, Yoga is a form of moving mindfulness. The various practices of physical postures, breathing exercise, relaxation and mindfulness
lead to a relaxed body and a calm mind. Yoga is to be practiced in a way that is comfortable in the body and at an even rate of breath. It is a rhythmical practice that we can enhance with Whole Body Vibration. The body and breath are meant to be at ease through the whole practice.

We should point out that you “practice” yoga – you don’t “master” or “perfect” it. It is the act of “practicing” the brings about the mental, physical, and emotional changes that yoga has to offer.

Which brings me to power plate…

Power Plate is a tool for us to get more out of our Yoga Practice, in a shorter time. Some of the benefits of Whole Body Vibration align with that of Yoga, and we can harness the technology to get more out of it.

Here are some of the ways that Power Plate will enhance your Yoga Practice (references at end):

  • Power Plate lengthens your muscles
    Perhaps more important than simply improving flexibility in one plane of motion, the environment of the Power Plate platform means that we can improve flexibility in specific Yoga postures, as well as the transition between postures.
  • Power Plate improves your balance
    Again, balance improvements will occur in whatever position you’re in on the Power Plate platform, including Yoga-specific positions. This means that your balance improvements will be specific to your practice, as well the transitions between balance postures. Every individual vibration triggers a micro-moment of instability, which means your balance can start improving at a rate of 30x a second!
  • Power Plate improves your strength
    Again, whatever position you’re in, while on the Power Plate, is the position you’re training. When you settle in to Mountain or Tree pose, for example, the whole body will be lengthening, strengthening, and balancing in that posture, and in context and synchronization with the muscles and joints around it. Every individual vibration triggers a micro-moment of ground-reaction-force, which means your strength can start improving at a rate of 30x a second!
  • Power Plate deepens your meditation
    The vibrations, when concentrated on, trigger a sound and sensation like OM. Om, in Yoga, is the sound that is believed to be the source of all universal creation. It is a mantra that has been chanted for more than a thousand years. The symbol of Om represents various levels of consciousness – the waking state, the dreaming state, the deep sleep state and the state of pure consciousness. When immersed in or on the Power Plate, you can hum, chant, feel, and hear OM; enhancing your meditation and it’s associated health benefits.
  • Power Plate enhances your trunk-muscle (ie. core) strength and stability
    The core is all of the muscles in your trunk; your abs, your pelvic floor, your diaphragm, and your back. Breathing and posture practice in Yoga makes it a solid core activity, and the Power Plate has been shown to increase that activity in the trunk muscles. Depending on your position, the activation will vary, with muscles that are horizontal to gravity working the hardest.
  • Power Plate improves your reflexes
    Because your body is continually reacting to an external stimulus, and that stimulus is right on the edge of what you can react to, you are effectively training your reflexes. This has knock on effects for falls prevention, stability, decreased reaction times, and increased power output.
  • Power Plate reduces chronic pain
    Studies show that Whole Body Vibration can relax the nervous system as well as excite it. Used correctly, the vibrations can reduce pain in a variety of conditions, such as fibromylagia. Other conditions, such as arthritis, are improved because of the increased lubrication of the joints as a part of the body’s response to an exercise stimulus.
  • Power Plate speeds up recovery times
    The increased circulation that the Power Plate stimulates is very effective at clearing waste and by-products of exercise, such as lactic acid, and also speeds up the delivery of oxygen, protein, and recovery nutrients.

Our Yoga Night (Monday) – Powered by Power Plate has incorporated breath, relaxation and mindfulness with Power Plate technology to ensure the essence of Yoga is maintained while we harness the power of Whole Body Vibration. Rather than simply copying yoga positions on the Power Plate, we use the technology to deepen an authentic Yoga practice, leaving you relaxed, centered, and balanced in your emotions, your hormones, and your physical body.

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