Why Getting Inverted is Good For You

Our October Challenge was to get Inverted 1 min a day, and post proof to social media. However, it did not matter how you got inverted, only that you did! I am sure that many of you thought that lying down with your feet up a wall was the “easy” way out, but there are so many wonderful benefits of this position, that if you did it daily for 1min per day, you will reap them!

Lying or sitting postures with the legs elevated can:

Likewise, there are numerous benefits to learning to handstand, headstand, and every version of these in between, so if you chose to mix it up, GOOD! As long as you DID it! For this reason, whether you chose the “easy”, the “hard”, or the variety options, EVERYONE who participated earned themselves a prize! It’s theoretically possible to get all the above benefits in an active inversion too, especially once you’re good at it and can relax (somewhat), however that has not been researched (that we can find anyway!). Benefits of your active inversions like headstands and handstands include:

  • Increased upper body strength and stability
  • Increase stability and mobility of the neck and shoulders
  • Increases circulation to the head, bringing blood and circulation to the face (touted as “anti aging”)
  • Improves Mood. Not only because you’re upside and reaping the hormonal, relaxation, and blood pressure results above, but also because of the posture changes that occur when you improve the mobility of your upper back and shoulders!
  • Improved core strength and stability. Think about it, you’re balancing upside down and having to control your torso in time and space, without your usual reference (your feet). This can be disorientating and is fabulous for developing the new neural pathways to make it possible!

For all these reasons, practising ANY kind of inversion daily is of absolute mental, physical, hormonal benefit to you! Remember to tag us and we will honour you with your prize at the end of the month!

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