Why Everybody Should Go Shopping with a Stylist

Saturdays’s shopping trip was the best fun!! We had 4 ladies; two wanted tops, one wanted anything “other than active wear”, and the other wanted to start again from scratch…. 60 minutes to do all this!

All of the above were achieved.  They had learnt the basics from the ‘Styling You’ session and put all of that into practise with me on hand to help.

It was fast and furious, we hit 4 different shops in just over an hour and laughed our way from one to the other.

The Shopping Trip with a Stylist is a great thing to do if you want to take the stress out of it and have fun with amazing women at the same time.  That being said the ‘Styling You’ session is a must do before this.  It’s one of the consultations you get free when you join, and I use the session to explain a little bit about why we offer this and why it’s important to do sooner rather than later…

Most women that join a gym are not happy with the way they look and they have a goal to lose some kilos.  Because they have that goal in mind they feel they want to hold off on the Styling consultation because they’ll get more out of it when they achieve their goal….. but this is plain old WRONG! The idea behind doing this (which is backed up with studies from Harvard) is that if I can help you feel good/better now with your body and in the clothes you wear you WILL be more successful in achieving that weight goal… WHY? Because you are happier, therefore more likely to be successful. Read more on how clothes affect your chances of happiness and success here (there are 3 different studies in those links… you’re welcome!!).

Scenario… how do you feel when you leave the house in clothes you don’t like, that don’t flatter you? Or when you’re trying to “hide” with your clothing choices? Do you think it affects how you feel? Answer… YES. If you’ve read the studies above you must be getting the hang of this now!

I have over 10 years experience styling women of all shapes and sizes and I know that it makes a HUGE difference; mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and also in terms of whether or not you’ll lose weight at all.

So ladies my advice to you is don’t wait to learn the tips that can help you feel better now, these strategies can be used no matter what your size or weight is.

Next Shopping with a Stylist date is Saturday 20th October at 2pm! Places are limited, reserve your spot here.

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