Whole Body Cardio

This session is a great way to burn lots of calories in only 20 minutes! it is heart-pumping cardio, but using your muscles so you should get a burn too.

Perform 10 reps the first time around, 15 on your second set, and 20 reps on your final set.

  1. Burpees!! Step your feet out instead of jumping for a low impact version. Don’t stop if the cardio has your lungs bursting!

2) 4D Mountain Climber. Twist those hips around as far as you can!

3) Lunge, pick up & press. Get the weight to the floor by bending your legs, not your back.

4) Rope climb. use hand over hand to get maximum cardio benefit!

If you’re feeling sprightly, add a sandbag toss or shoulder hoist (or medicine ball).

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