What Makes Charlie’s Bootcamp Different to Other Bootcamps?

Summer camp has been ticking a long for years now, and was originally created as a female-hormone-friendly answer to the punishing bootcamps available in our local area.

Year after year my gorgeous clients sign up for Summer Camp!! (We call it Summer Camp because that’s less scary than “Bootcamp”, and we are training very differently to traditional bootcamps too!). They know what to expect, although I always come up with new ways to get them moving differntly and laughing!


I thought the best way to describe it is to list out what you get out of any other bootcamp versus what you get out of mine….

Outdoor training in the same spot


A variety of beautiful locations on the beaches

Working out with others


Working with current and potential friends

Workout out quietly


Working out with giggles, chatter and happy noise

Feeling a failure if you don’t complete the workout


Being encouraged to do what you can

Going for a coffee by yourself afterwards


Going for coffee with your fellow campers for more social interaction.

Feeling scared to join in


Coming along to see and trying something new and fun.

The clients that come to Summer Camp range in age from 30’s through to 70’s and every one of them knows that they will be looked after, they’ll laugh A LOT, get a great workout and feel the benefits of being outside with friends.

Whether it’s Trishy pairing up with an unsuspecting partner, Tracey telling an inappropriate joke, or someone trying to cheat in a game, it’s all fun and movement for your mental and physical well-being.


We have trained in torrential summer rain (one of my favourite sessions ever!!), played in kids playgrounds, chased each other with clothes pegs and so much more!

This year will be a mix of playing games, challenging your balance, and building your strength; but the best bit is … you won’t even realise you’re doing all of that because you’ll be too busy having fun!

The laughter, by far, is THE stand out reason to join! Keeping them all under control is sometimes impossible but I LOVE that. I love that they feel comfortable to rebel a little, to challenge me, and to be a bit silly.

All I can say is if you’re unsure, come and try it and see for yourself. Details and Early Bird Registration is available here!

We’d love to see you!

Charlie x

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  1. Robyn Hudson
    Robyn Hudson says:

    Charlie you’re so right! All the above is true and it was here I met my new friends during Covid great walking and hiking fun to be had! Thanks Charlie for your inspiration your humour and good nature as well as unknowingly training us during Summer camp. Sooo looking forward to it! Come join in if you haven’t before!


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