How Counselling Blends with Personal Training and What Charlie Can do for YOU!

Charlie has been a Body Image Counselor for a few years now, and is currently enrolled in completing her full Counselling diploma at Tafe. She came on it instinctively as she listened to her styling and training clients and crystalised what it was that she brought to the table for her clients; that is a feeling of self worth, body satifcation, and positively (at any size). This might not sound like a big deal, so perhaps we can better explain it with a question:

When did achieving a certain weight, body fat %, dress size actually make you happier within yourself?

If the answer is never, as we suspect it is, then read on for what Charlie can do for you!

“I have a passion for helping women feel happier in their own skin through exercise, clothes (styling), and counselling.

We all know how much the female body changes over the decades, due to many factors, including age, childbirth, hormones, lifestyle, and stress; for so many women it’s hard to accept these changes and instead of trying to change our perspective and move forward positively, we stay in this rut of self criticism and misery!

Being unhappy with what you see in the mirror can have a huge negative impact on your life which can affect your mood, posture, productivity and overall happiness.

At Into You we have highly qualified trainers who are experts in their field and behind the scenes continuously increase their knowledge and skills to give you the best experience possible.

In this article I wanted to explain more about my point of difference and what I can do to enhance your life.

💛Teach you how to look at your body differently…

I can show you how to look at your body as a whole and not to concentrate on the bits you don’t like but rather how balanced it is.

💛Help you feel happier in your own skin..

Once you learn how to look at your body differently, how to dress it to suit it, look at any deep routed reasons why you feel the way you do, you can then start to move forward in a positive light which will make you feel happier.

💛Listen with an empathetic ear…

Your sessions are yours and while you’re moving I am here to listen or discuss anything you want (in confidence), without judgement, only understanding. To try personal training blended with counselling, you can purchase a once-off session here: 

💛Give you PT sessions to suit YOUR life…

Whatever your life involves it’s important that you train for that. Whether you are a Mum, Grandma, living alone, young, middle aged or elderly life presents its challenges throughout and that’s what I will train you for. That way you can feel strong and live your life to the fullest.

💛Consider your hormones when planning workouts…

Our hormones play havoc with our bodies at various stages of life and exercise can have the opposite desired affect if you train against them.

With an extensive health questionnaire before you join along with plenty more questions from me during your sessions I can gather as much information as I can to plan the most appropriate and effective session for you.

💛Reduce your stress levels…

We all know that movement and exercise reduces your stress levels so coming to see me is a great start! Once you get here though, regardless of what I have planned for you, if you are feeling stressed or have things going on, I won’t hesitate to throw the workout out the window and give you what you need on the day. It all counts.

💛Give you tools to help reduce negative body image…

As a Body Image Therapist there are many ways we can work on this, either during your workout or during stand alone therapy sessions. It’s not about loving what you see but you can learn to accept it, respect it and work with it in a more positive light.

💛Show you what styles work for your body type…

Wardrobe Audits are a great way to start learning what works for your body, what doesn’t and why. We can delve into your wardrobe and create new outfits so that you can get the most out of what you already have. To start 2024 fresh, lets get old you OUT with a wardrobe audit:

💛Take you on fun Shopping trips…

Sometimes these can be a workout in themselves!! This is a shopping trip like no other. I take the stress and hard work out of it ensuring you have a positive experience. We hit the shops and with support and encouragement you’ll step out of your comfort zone and we follow a pre-planned route laid out just for you. There’s no pressure to purchase anything and I promise you’ll have fun. Next trip:

💛Increase your confidence

My goal as a PT, Stylist & Body Image Therapist is to help women feel better about their bodies, train smarter in the gym and dress to suit their bodies which ultimately leads to increased confidence, strength, better posture and improved mental health. It’s hard to explain how confidence can change your life until you look at what a lack of confidence is stopping you from participating in… do you avoid climbing on the playground equipment with your kids because of your weight? Do you sit on the beach fully clothed and miss out on swimming because you’re ashamed of your body? Do you no longer play sport because you don’t think you’re fit enough? These are just come example of how your confidence is holding you back from the life choices you may otherwise have made…

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what size you are or where you are on your journey, learning to work with what you have NOW will improve your overall happiness.

Charlie x”

More about Charlie, what she offers, and to book a free session, check out her shop here:

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