Wet Weather Blues & Busy Gym Update

Who stayed inside over the weekend because of the wet weather?

I did. And do you know what I skipped? Windsurfing! Because it was raining and I might get wet? Do I hear a “WTF??”

The wet weather was incredibly un-motivating, but we can’t allow it to interfere with our plans. I was really chuffed with one of our bootcampers on Saturday, who couldn’t find us in the downpour (she was a little late, and we were waaaaayyy over the other side of the park. It was so wet that there was very bad visibility and she couldn’t see us!), who took herself off to the gym instead! Jade just happened to have had a cancellation, and Julie was able to train hard and fast and didn’t waste her effort! The rest of us trained in the rain, and there were also a few pikers…!

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JA's proof of participation!

JA’s proof of participation!

These people who showed up despite the inclement wet weather have the right mind-set to achieve their goals. They will not descend into the self-sabotaging self-talk of “too hot”, “too wet”, “too tired”, etc. They will commit and execute the plan, and that is what it is all about! I’m looking forward to seeing them perform at Tough Mudder on Sunday!


In other news we have modified our 6-Step Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor course to suit YOU. The course has been specifically adapted for mums, and you can participate in a casual fashion – buying one week at a time from: https://into-you.com.au/product/6-step-restore-your-core-pelvic-floor-session-for-mums/ (buying your ticket here will book you in the first available Wednesday at 1pm with Clare). Wed 18th Nov is full, and we are currently taking bookings for the 25th.
Mountain bike group starts on Friday 27th November at 630pm, at the Perimetre Trail, Terry Hills. The group includes a bike service, a mountain bike instructor, a different ride every week, “keys” to the gym, a yellow jersey, and a training program for $199. The group is supposed to be fun, casual, and also a learning process. The team will learn new skills, explore our diverse neighbourhood, and get outside this summer! They will also hopefully be the exception to the rule that the average Aussie gains 2kg every Xmas that they never lose!
Rego DD Rego
Hike Nepal registrations close this month! This trip is the adventure of a lifetime! We will visit Nepal when they truly need us. I am working on some testimonials so that you can read about what a rewarding experience our oversea’s adventures ALWAYS are!! More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/867901426623478/
Rego Form JPG
Clara is away this Friday, but you can book in with her on Friday 27th November. We have 3.30pm, 4.30pm, and 5.30pm available.
Discount sessions ($38.50) this week are still available at 10am Tuesday. 7am, 330pm, and 5pm Wednesday. Thursday at 10am, 530pm. Friday at 8am, and Saturday at 11am. Contact the gym to snap one up: 0410 508 101
Christmas is also creeping up on us! We will be closed on Christmas day, boxing day, and New years day. Please reschedule your session in advance, and notify us in writing if you want us to suspend your payments during this time.
That’s it from us! Have a wonderful day!

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