Welcome to Pascale, Lyssa, Caroline, and Alena!

We were sad to see Claire leave us, especially in the circumstances she is still in, but the silver lining is that we are able to welcome some new opportunities to IntoYou! We have had Pascale start with us already, and she’s followed by Lyssa, then Caroline, and then Alena! All these women are superstars in their own right – accomplished, ambitious, educated, and passionate about providing quality health services that will enhance your life… perfect.


Pascale is already in the health industry, but on the corporate side. She embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training in an attempt to bring more balance to hectic side of the corporate lifestyle. True to form, she attacked her teacher training with gusto, and has accumulated a mammoth >1200 hours of teacher training, plus an advanced Meditation Teacher Training certificate! Pascale is bright and bubbly, down to earth, and medically trained as a nurse. Through the physical practice of yoga, breath work, meditation and mindfulness, she will empower you with the necessary tools to find balance, manage stress and tap into your intuition enabling you to rediscover your true nature and the real YOU.

Pascale is our Monday Night Yoga instructor, but her friend Toonie will fill in regularly when she has to travel for work. Message us on 0410 508 101 to book a Yoga Monday session (where there’s room) and officially meet her for free (limit one per person).


Lyssa uses a technique called Chi Nei Tsang which softens your abdominal scars and promotes organ alignment and function. Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal detox massage) is a healing modality that focuses on the health and wellbeing of your internal organs and systems. She works to promote a healthy flow of Chi (energy) through the core of the body to support optimal functioning of our insides therefore achieving wellness body, mind and spirit. This kind of abdominal massage promotes lymph drainage (disease prevention), stimulates your bowel (disease prevention, reduces bloating) and mobilizes your abdominal organs to ease cramping and pain, including back pain, improve posture (especially if you’ve had a C-section), and heaps more.

Lyssa has run her own Yoga studio in Newcastle, where she promoted Yoga for every-body. She is hoping that her skills will bring an easiness to her patient’s movement and lives that improves them for the better! For a limited time, you can get a core-friendly, lymph and scar mobilizing, 1on1 yoga session for FREE when you book your initial Chi Nei Tsang treatment with Lyssa. Reserve your spot here!


Caroline is our intern! She is new to Personal Training, but is a long-time triathlete and female run/cycle/swim coach! She’s a self-confessed “people-person”, loves learning – but hates that cliché, and has been participating in our trainer trainer for a couple of months already! Caroline will spend July shadowing our established trainers, getting ready for Jade’s maternity leave, where she will take over 15hrs a week from the first of August. Once she’s found her feet, look out for a new and exciting Adventure Program where she’ll teach us a thing or two about triathalon! Follow Caroline’s adventures here!



The amazing Alena Turley, who has used her Hapkido and Self Defense skills to escape an attempted abduction and domestic abuse, will be taking our Hapkido Inspired Boxing, Kicking, and Self-Defense Program from the 31st July. She’s one grading off a Black Belt, spiritual, mindful, kind and fierce all at the same time. Alena is sensitive to your needs, and passionate about using Hapkido to empower women with the tools to keep themselves safe and in control of their own lives. She’s an ethical lifestyle and soulful parenting expert, and has just kick-started her coaching business, ethical business catalogue, and podcast this year! More about the Soul Mama hub here, more about her journey as a martial artist here, and more about the Hapkido Inspired Program that she is instructing at IntoYou here!

It’s just another way we go about creating opportunities for you to move different, feel different, and build confidence! If you have any questions about these amazing women, their programs, or how they’ll be participating at IntoYou, contact us at [email protected]! Welcome guys!

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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    What a lovely person Is Caroline!
    She worked me very well with a variety of exercises with explanations along with each. She seems very knowledgeable about how the body moves and reacts. We did lots of stretching too – I had mentioned my hamstrings were tight at the start of the session and she included stretches for them later. When I said my back was sore doing glute bridges we immediately stopped and did some stretches to relieve that as well.

    I feel like I had a worthwhile session with Caroline and I look forward to seeing her again someday!


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