We Now Have Decleor Organic Facials at IntoYou!

Stop the press! IntoYou have added yet another element to achieve balance and happiness to your LIFE! The amazing Claire has begun bringing super-indulgent Decleor organic facials to IntoYou!

The essence of a Decleor facial is the use of high quality essential oils. Being rare and therefore highly prized, aromatic plants and Essential Oils have been used successfully for thousands of years. With their use documented amongst ancient civilisations for anything from religious ceremonies and as medicines to beauty preparations for skin and hair and even in cooking, Essential Oils formed an integral part of the traditions of most early cultures. DECLÉOR was officially born in Paris, and was the first beauty company to actively begin uniting the science and art of using plant oils in aromatherapy products and treatments.

There are three important ways in which these potent plant extracts can enhance our bodies and our well-being. Through massage they are able to enter the bloodstream, causing positive chemical changes in the body. They then have a profound effect on the body, able to stimulate or relax, soothe or revitalise, subject to the oils used. The simple act of inhaling the essence also causes your body and emotions to respond differently! You can read more about this here!

All Decleor essential oils are sourced from among the finest regions around the world and controlled to ensure its purity, botanical and biochemical definitions. Our star arromessence serum is 100% natural origin. Decleor products are formulated by an expert team of aromatherapists, olfactotherapists, and beauty therapists to ensure maximum efficacy.

The Decleor Commitment

In your treatment, Claire will work on the face, chest, arms, and neck; aligning with the mind, body, and spirit. Her facials are in keeping with the holistic approach, the #intoyoulife that we are creating in this studio. In other words, she’s not “just working on the face”, she’s working on human being. In this way, you won’t get the same “stock standard” approach that you get in a spa. You will get oils and cremes specifically for your skin type, personality, and what your needs are!

Claire is passionate about bringing joy, relaxation, and adding peace to your very busy life. She is all about grabbing moments of very powerful, very effective “me” time and making high quality massage and beauty treatments accessible for the very busy Northern Beaches Mum’s lifestyle. You can read more about Claire here. For us, facials are another important aspect of our mission to work towards “balance and happiness”. For us, it is less about what you look like, and more about how you live life, and having down time, feeling indulged, and experiencing a healing touch as all fundamental ways to achieve better balance and happiness! The “yin and yan” approach to life is fundamental in achieving satisfaction, which it is our mission to help you achieve!

You can add a facial on to the end of your session, or an existing massage appointment, or slide it in to you busy schedule here. Remember, YOU’RE IMPORTANT TOO! Huge thanks to Claire for bringing an opportunity to enjoy this decadent, beautiful treatment to our studio!

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