Warm and Woolly Winter Workout!

Today’s session is just about being warm and happy 🙂


This session will not flog you, it will simply elevate your core temperature, so that you feel refreshed and warm, at least for the next hour!

It is mostly cardio, but none-the-less, think about your posture! Just go as far as you can, then keep coming around until you have completed all of the tasks. It is not intended for you to do all of these at once!

1) Rowing. Total of 5 min, but stop if your pace drops under  1.4min per 500mtrs
2) 10km on bike, speed over 40km/hr (stop if drops under)
3) 150 Skips
4) Single arm clean and press (dumbell). 50 reps each side. Girls 5kg, Boys 8kg.
5) Freeform circles. 20 each way. An easier alternative is below, Scorpian hover.


This is how you will know it’s working!
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