Walk and Talk Therapy: Your Questions Answered

Charlie is an empathetic trainer who has naturally been weaving counselling into her sessions for a while, so that her clients get more than “just” a workout. This has led to her making it official by completing a Diploma in Counselling with Northern Beaches & Mosman College.

Why Walk and Talk Therapy?

As a Stylist, Charlie knows that mental resilience and self-satisfaction doesn’t happen when you achieve a certain dress size. She’s passionate about helping you feel happier mentally, as well as physically fitter, and there’s no better way to do that than by combining counselling with movement. Thus, we now offer Walk & Talk Therapy!

Moving and talking = a happier you.

As a Counsellor, Charlie is there to empower and support you to identify your issues and work through solutions.

She adopts a individual-person-centred, solution focused approach; using empathy, unconditional positive regard, and expert listening skills. Charlie is not there to tell you what to do or give you advice but to assist you professionally and encourage a different perspective so that you can achieve your goals and feel in control of your life. Many counsellors and psychotherapists are referring clients to exercise professionals now, and Charlies is both bundled up in to one!

As a Personal Trainer Charlie is also able to consider where you are on your journey to ensure you are fulfilling both physical and mental needs for overall wellness and happiness. With that in mind Charlie is happy to customise sessions and incorporate exercise within the studio as well as walking outdoors.

What is Walk and Walk Therapy?

Walk and Talk Therapy combines traditional counselling techniques with walking outside. Scientific research has confirmed the connection of mind to body and how they influence each other and by making this connection you are able to recognise and feel your feelings which is essential to regulating your emotions.

We also know that movement and exercise make us feel good, so by tapping into those feelings you are able to talk about your issues more freely.

Green is a colour associated with mental well-being and getting outside in nature can help you feel more relaxed to talk through your issues and facilitate a more open conversation in a safe environment with full support by your side.

What are the benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy?

  • Promotes a sense of connection of mind to body
  • Better connection with nature
  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your mood
  • Helps you feel more relaxed and able to open up
  • Enhances your ‘feel good’ hormones
  • Improves human connection
  • Sessions are empowering

How Does it Work?

Once you make your initial enquiry Charlie will email you a couple of forms to fill in, sign, and send back. She will then arrange a convenient time to call you for a free 15 minute chat to ask any additional information and answer any questions you may have. At this stage, if you are happy to proceed, the Walk and Talk Therapy session will be booked in.

The counselling happens during the walk at the location that has been agreed upon. Some sessions involve walking for the entire time however there may be times where you would like to sit and have a rest, which is absolutely fine. There may be sessions that involve more sitting than walking, it really does depend on you and what you want and need on the day. Charlie is flexible in her approach and understands the importance of you being comfortable.

During your sessions you are free and safe to discuss your concerns or issues with Charlie who will listen with empathy and without judgement. She will work collaboratively with you to identify your issues and focus on your strengths and resources to find solutions to them.

Is Walk and Talk Therapy Suitable for Everyone?

Physically, Walk & Talk Therapy is suitable for most people and the pace and type of walk can be discussed to ensure you are comfortable. If you have any injuries or mobility issues we can also discuss this and arrange an alternative solution if necessary.

Some people feel much more relaxed and supported walking with their Counsellor by their side as opposed to a traditional seated session, however everyone is different and it’s important for you to engage in services that work for you.

Is Walk and Talk Therapy Confidential?

As in any Counselling session everything you discuss with Charlie is private and confidential and there will be forms to complete and sign prior to commencing sessions so that you are fully informed and understand this (These forms also outline when Charlie is obligated to disclose your information).

Please do bear in mind that as these sessions are conducted out in public, and there are people around, Charlie can’t guarantee that no-one will ever overhear, but she will do her utmost to limit the possibility. Please let her know if this is something you are particularly concerned about.

How do I choose a Suitable Location for Walk and Talk Therapy?

Charlie operates on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and surrounds.

You can either leave the decision to her once you’ve had your initial consultation on the phone, or you can let her know if you have a preference.

(Locations further afield will be considered however and additional fee will incurred)

What Happens if I Bump Into Someone I Know During Walk and Talk Therapy?

Charlie will follow your lead, she can simply be a friend or your Personal Trainer if you wish.

She will do nothing to compromise your privacy or confidentiality.

How Long Does a Walk and Talk Therapy Session Last?

A single Walk & Talk Therapy session is 60 minutes.

How Often Should I Do Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions?

This is totally dependent on you, your time, needs and goals.

Some clients may see Charlie for a period of time in order to achieve specific goals that have been set and others may choose to use this type of therapy as a form of on-going support and maintenance for their physical and mental well-being.

What Should I Wear to a Walk and Talk Therapy Session?

Comfort is key so please wear suitable shoes and clothes for walking. Other items to consider bringing are sunscreen, hat, drink bottle and sunglasses.

What Does a Walk and Talk Therapy Session Cost?

A 60 min session is $120.

Full payment required at time of booking via direct deposit.

Please note that there are no Medicare or Private Health Fund Rebates available for these sessions.

What Happens if it’s Raining on the Day?

There are a few options if it’s raining…

We can discuss an alternative indoor option such as a cafe, postpose to another day (within 2 weeks) or embrace it, put our raincoats on and go anyway.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Charlie aims to make things as easy and fair as possible therefore asks clients to adhere to a 48 hour cancellation policy.

If 48 hours notice or more is given, you can either bank the session and use at a later date that suits (within 3 months) or email to ask for a full refund. If you cancel within the 48 hour period prior to your appointment your session is forfeited and no refund can be given.

How do I Book a Session?

To book a session please purchase here. Charlie will be in contact within 24hrs to arrange a time.

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