Wacky Workout Part Two

There were three distinctly different wacky workouts in Part 2 of our Trainer Training. These sessions were not as structured, but brought something different to the table, which is great for making your sessions interesting [read: wacky!] and FUN!


Workout one was Tricia’s Partner Training. This session is an all-over workout, with cardio to boot. Perfect for a couple who cannot get out often enough to train at a gym, or who want to do something together. Characteristic of Tricia’s sessions, it is silly, fun, functional, and really hard!! Trish does 1×100 of each exercise. Today we did 20, as some of the exercises are quite difficult.

1) Deep squat on your toes – fast medicine ball pass
2) High five’s
Alternative – high five’s with a push up!


3) Single Leg Release – wheelbarrows!
Alternative – real Wheelbarrows!
4) Deep squat with fitball
5) Oblique wrestling! A third party must holler out “left” or “right”, then the wrestlers attempt to pull the other over to that side.
6) Balancing on fitball, throw foo foo
Alternative – kneeling
7) Partnered Pull ups
8) Piggy-back shuttle runs!
9) Straight line wrestle – attempt to push your opponent back over the line behind them.


Stay posted next week for Jade’s athletic challenge! With inspiration from a decathlon, the workout is interesting and competitive (and don’t forget wacky!).

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