Wacky Workout Circuit Part One

Today’s workout is the product of Part 1 of Trainer Training on Saturday. The specifications was that we had to create a session that included none of the traditional PT stuff – that is, squats, lunges, push ups, chin ups, etc. The workout had to be purposeful, but imaginative.


It is important that you focus on your technique when performing any of these exercises. Pick one from each muscle group, perform for a minute, and proceed through 4 times.


Pirouette – hip mobility.
Lunge with the toe turned out – to emphasize VMO and butt action!
Toes Turning out squats – for hip mobility as well.
Bosu Squat with weight in one hand – balance training
Twisty push ups – good for rotator cuff training
Step over Bosu Push ups
The Centipede – starts like a bear crawl, with a push up, then walk feet towards hands with straight legs.
Medicine ball throws – some explosive shoulder action. Don’t hit the roof!!


 Cyclonic chin ups – a circular motion from arm to arm and down again. Works the whole Lat and Shoulder spectrum of movement.
X-Pull ups – using your hips for momentum, pull up in the shape of an X, alternate sides.
Gecko Walk – lift the weight to your ribs, then put it out in front of you to take a step. it is important that you keep control of the weight (ie. don’t let your arm fall to the ground with it).
Scapula movement – keep lower back and shoulder blades against the wall.
Cable uppercut – it is important to keep your posture set, and the cable on the outside of your arm.
Army Crawl – preferably with your butt in line with your body!
Fitball pass – from your arms to your legs and out, without letting your lower back off the ground.
The Bus Driver – twisting the arms in circles, whilst keeping the body straight and still.


Hopefully these ideas go some way to making your sessions more fulfilling – that is get more for less!

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