Upper Back Correction, Circuit Style!

Today’s session was focused on three things:

  1. Back Strength
  2. Chest Flexibility
  3. Thoracic (mid-back) Mobility

Whilst i feel we only touched on each of these components (we only had 30 min, after all), hopefully we re-set everybody’s shoulders in a pain-free position for another week!

Upper back posture and pain is a huge problem with our mums. Firstly, the weight of the breasts when pregnant and breastfeeding, the the repetitive nature of their upper body movements when breastfeeding and running around after a toddler, and finally, many women become self-conscious with the extra weight they are carrying generally. The result is an accumulative posture problem, caused by an ever-stretched neck (which feels “tight”), and underdeveloped shoulder blade muscles that allow that posture to remain. Sessions like these will go some way to relieving your symptoms for good!!

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