Ultimate Frisbee Workout

Short of playing Ultimate Frisbee (which is an incredible workout in itself, however NOT pelvic floor friendly so make sure you are fully-restored!), here is our Ultimate Frisbee Workout, using the humble frisbee as the ultimate training tool! If you have a partner and a functional core and want to give the real Ultimate Frisbee a go, the rules of play can be found here: http://www.wfdf.org/sports/ultimate . Ultimate frisbee is a fantastically fun game, with leaping, changes in direction, falls, and laughs, and we encourage everyone who is physically able to give it a go!

So, with your frisbee, perform the following circuit 1 x 20 reps each side.

  1. Sliding lunge
  2. Sliding side lunge
  3. Push up & reach forwards
  4. Push up and reach sideways
  5. Mountain Climber (one side, each side)
  6. Mountain climber out wide
  7. Mountain Climber across the body (add the push up if you’re feeling tough!)
  8. Side hover and reach through
  9. Side hover and reach over
  10. Bridge with leg reach
  11. Bridge with side leg reach
  12. Hip lift
  13. Agility game to finish!


The workout should take you around 20 minutes. you will find it harder on surfaces that slide easily (like floorboards or thin carpet), and easier on “sticky” surfaces like the gym’s mats. Any slider, including a frisbee, will also be beneficial for your mobility, as each rep you aim to slide a little further and increase the stretch. Best of luck with it and enjoy the variety!!

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