Two Options in Nepal for 2017

Our gym trips for 2017 have changed due to an overwhelming demand for Nepal Nepal Nepal! We have cancelled the Hawaii Sports Fest in favour of TWO simultaneous Nepal Treks!

Trek number one is a huge bucket list item, Everest Base Camp. Our crew will train for 4 months to complete this challenge, including two (or more) trips to the Blue Mountains to get our legs Himalaya-ready. This trek will be hard, and at least 12 days of hiking.

Trek number 2 is for the less ambitious trekkers, but it will still be hard. We have decided on a trip similar to the Everest Panorama Trek. This trek still goes pretty high, but stops a full kilometre lower than Everest Base Camp. It will still be 10 days of hiking, and you will still have to train hard to achieve it. There is still an altitude sickness risk, although it’s obviously lower than EBC!

Follow the links for suggested itinerary, which will be modified to suit both our groups. Our plan is to hike part-way together, then split for a few days, and join up again on the way down. Both trips will be around $3450, and tentative dates are Saturday November 18th to Tuesday December 3rd.

We will be using Hike Nepal again as our guide. This company provided the most attentive, thoughtful, and comfortable service this year when we did the Annapurna Circuit that we cannot imagine doing it without them!

Register your interest on our Facebook Event, to ensure that you are notified when we are ready for registration! We will also use this page to make plans, and share details.

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