Twilight Mountain Biking Wrap Up

For us at IntoYou, the purpose of the groups like our Twilight Mountain Biking, is to create opportunities for those who otherwise would not have them. This year’s Twilight Mountain Bike group was no exception, and we brought our rag-tag bunch together for some great riding and a fun adventure in Canberra over the weekend.

Jodi had never mountain biked before joining our group, and she bought a second hand bike expressly to try it out. Within a fortnight she had already upgraded her bike, then purchased a rack so that she could take it further afield. This weekend in Mount Stromlo, she was cruising down “The Luge” and maintaining pace with our more experienced mountain bikers.

2017-02-26 10.44.49

Jodi on the left, Jen on the right!

Jen is a Yoga and Meditation instructor who loves our Adventure groups because they’re small, always different, and always accommodating. Jen has come on 3 overseas adventures, and does our Mountain Bike group every year.

Matt saw our group as an opportunity to connect with his son, and sure enough, the two of them were inseparable on all of the rides. James was soon “borrowing” our leader’s bike for some more technical riding, and we think Matt will have to make the “investment” sooner rather than later for him!


Belinda had biked before but lacked friends to go with, and took our Twilight Mountain Biking as an opportunity to explore and meet some people with common interests. Her whole family fronted up for our weekend in Canberra, so i think her enthusiasm is wearing off on them!


Belinda gazing at the mountain in the back row, Ali front left.

Our fearless leader, Ali, is a pre and post natal trainer and pilates instructor, who also happens to enjoy riding down hills really fast. She is quite accomplished at riding, and was chuffed that she got paid to do it for our group! She also got to explore trails that she had never done before, making it a win win for all involved (and we LOVE those at IntoYou!).

Thanks to everyone who made it to the group, and who put so much effort in to making it every week! We really enjoyed sharing this fantastic sport with you!

Bootcamp will run for 12 weeks from the 1st of April, and for the first time we are encouraging our participants to bring their kids (under 18) for FREE. It is so rewarding to watch these wonderful connection flourish, and we want to spread it through entire families! Early bird rates will be in place for the next 2 weeks, read details and enrol here!

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