Travelling Exercises to Perform as a Team

IntoGIRLS training is all about FUN. It is unstructured, and the girls are encouraged to participate and play. Having said that we also want them to learn, work together, and have a workout, so today we designed a very short 5 minute circuit where they had to work together to travel the length of the room as a team.


Perform each of the following for 1 minute, and keep a note of how far you got!

  1. Tuck Jump and Hover
    2016-06-21 16.52.45
    Line up a little further apart than pictured, so that it is easy to jump!
  2. Army Crawl and Plank
    2016-06-21 16.38.22
  3. Human Tunnel ball
    2016-06-21 16.50.12
    They’re supposed to be squatting with their butt in line with their knees…
  4. Wheelbarrows
  5. High Knees and Hover
    2016-06-21 16.52.43
    Hover with your feet apart so that the jogger can tip toe in between!

Every exercise involves moving in one direction, taking turns to leap over or under the others, until they reach the other side. We took notes on how many laps each team managed and they raced themselves in subsequent sets.

2016-06-20 15.20.20

An idea for future sessions, perhaps?


If you have a team, whether it be girls, corporates, or someone else, try these for something different! I have even played with my kids on a rainy day at home like this!

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