Why Training With Friends is More Effective

The reason we have IntoMum training at IntoYou is that training with friends makes training easier. In addition, when you train with someone you perceive as “better” (and most of us are kinder on our friends than we are on ourselves), it can increase your intensity by as much as 200% *

We try to foster relationships and community through these sessions, including coffee post-session! This way their common ground is based on positive experience – exercise! In this way we have a more effective impact on improving mood, self esteem, and health. Mothers Groups at your local Early Childhood Centre are an attempt to create this. In my experience, the “baby focus” is important, but mum is forgotten. Thereafter mothers group meetings centre on sitting so the babies can play, or the baby’s activities, and mum’s needs fade into the background. IntoMum is an attempt to do both! We have grandmothers and first time mums training in the same session, and learning from each other’s experiences. You can see how it works here: Family Fun @ IntoYou

Eva is happy with her training at IntoYou

Eva is happy with her training at IntoYou

Mountain bike group, hiking group, run group, our Oversea’s Adventures, and Bootcamp are all attempts to make your weekly training more effective by taking you OUT of your comfort zone! Trying new things, experiences, and skills can increase your mental complexity, and help slow the onset of neural diseases like Alzheimers and Dementia**. In these groups, we set a goal (like Hiking in Nepal, or Tough Mudder) and train as a team towards that goal. This enhances performance because we are training with friends towards a common goal, as well as introducing new places, skills, programs, and routines to the individual which will have a positive impact on their brain’s development, thus making our sessions as effective as possible!

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And you thought we all we did was provide exercise with a Power Plate!

Actually, speaking of the Power Plate, as the only medically accredited vibration plate on the market, this device does improve bone density, and stimulate muscle contractions 30x faster than regular machine-weight training#. You can see that there is plenty going on under the surface of our dazzling personalities and excellent training sessions at IntoYou!

So if you want effective training, try something different with our groups! We will foster your learning, and provide experiences that you will never regret! For more information about our upcoming Twilight Mountain Biking, and our Hiking Group, see here: Facebook Hike Nepal , Facebook Twilight Mountain Biking , Mountain Bike Group is NOT for Mountain Bikers! , Hike Nepal 2016 Details . Contact by email to book in!

* Kansas State University. “Burning more calories is easier when working out with someone you perceive as better.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 26 November 2012 http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/11/121126130938.htm

* Brandon Irwin, et al., “Aerobic Exercise Is Promoted when Individual Performance Affects the Group: A Test of the Kohler Motivation Gain Effect,” The Society of Behavioral Medicine, (2012)

** Gilkey R, Kilts C “Cognitive Fitness” Harvard Business Review, November 2007 https://hbr.org/2007/11/cognitive-fitness



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