Training with a Buddy

Some creative ideas for training with your buddy!! Get sweaty and hands on with your friends, laugh a bucket, and work out at the same time!

These exercises are all fun and games, literally. Make sure the space is safe so that no-one hurts themselves, then go nuts!

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  1. […] If you’re on holiday, you have TIME – time to prep meals, time to exercise. Even if you’re away from home, and enjoying your relaxation, having time to meal prep does not mean not having time to relax! You will have to make an effort for an hour or two, but the you have the rest of the day to make up for the effort! My top tip for getting started when you’re away is to exercise at your first opportunity (before the kids wake, straight after breakfast, or when everyone else has crashed for a nap). Meal prep has to be done before your shopping trip, and prepared on arrival to the place you’re staying for maximum convenience later on. Even better, if you’re with friends, recruit one and try one of these creative ways to train with a buddy! […]

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