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This morning Clare and a trainer friend attended Body Beyond Baby, an outdoor mums’n’bubs training system that is already in Centennial Park and Birchgrove. Today was their very first session in Narrabeen. The instructor was a woman (and mum) called Hayley Boyle.

As it was the first training session, it took a little while to get going. From the outset Hayley was attentive, informative, and fantastic in explaining the “why” – as in “why am i doing this?”!!

Hayley checked everyone’s abs, taught us how to synchronise our deep core, and constantly checked that we were connected throughout the session. Our kids were tended by a nanny from Precious Peeps, contained in a pen close-by, but out of sight. This was a bonus for Clare, who’s youngest will cry when she is in sight.

After a dynamic warm up, we did some strength training exercises interspersed with short jogs. This kept our heart rate’s up, but it was only short so hopefully no-one uterus fell down 😉 The exercises we performed were mostly a level 3 in our 6-step program. That is; straight lines, whole body, and slow enough that you can mentally connect to your deep core and synchronise it with your breath.

At the end of the training we did some seated stretches, and wandered off for a coffee and a babycchino.

I thought it was a well planned and executed session, with the only downside allowing some of the mums (only 12 weeks post natal) to jog without having seen a women’s health physio first. Having said that, i would be comfortable sending any of you guys there if you wanted to do something different!

Thanks to Hayley for having us!

Road trip! Collaroy Plateau to Narrabeen here we come!

Road trip! Collaroy Plateau to Narrabeen here we come!

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