Train With Your Bestie or Family Member across the Nation for FREE

IntoYou is a lifestyle. We are NOT about getting skinny, we are NOT about “making over” your body, we are NOT about jumping the highest or lifting the most.  In fact, we don’t care what you look like at all. We care about how you LIVE.

LIVING well means you’re okay mentally. It means you have a decent self esteem and are not limited in your lifestyle choices because of insecurities or because you’re physically incapacitated. This extends to mum’s with pelvic floor dysfunctions; what is more life enhancing, a six-pack or being continent? It extends to men with hernia; what is more life enhancing, living in chronic pain or solving the pain with intra-abdominal pressure management and deep core training? For teenage girls; being skinny or loving what you body can do?

LIVING well means you’re confident enough to book that trip, try that sport, meet that person. It means FACING life, overcoming adversity, and experiencing everything you wish to.  How many of us have always wanted to try something, but never stepped foot in the door because we are intimidated by the environment. For me, 10 years ago, it was martial arts. I needed my husband’s support to try it, and never went without him – if he was away, i skipped it! It was intimidating walking in to a room filled with accomplished sweaty men, even as an accomplished athlete myself! For many of our clients, our Oversea’s Adventures have made seemingly unattainable “bucket list” ideas possible. Who do you trek with in Nepal when you’re a diabetic, morbidly obese man? US. Who do you trek with in Nepal 2 days shy of 70 years old, having never gone trekking before? US. More stories like this here (read them. These people are amazing).

LIVING well means that you can appreciate everyday. You’re not crying in front of the mirror, or compulsively weighing yourself, or constantly screaming at your kids. You’re not wearing tents to hide your body, or refusing to go out because of the way you look. You’re rallying your family to go on hikes, enjoying an hour on the sand with your kids and in your swimsuit, without a thought regarding what you look like in it, or becoming exhausted trying to keep up. You have energy to kick a ball, throw a frisbee, and walk the dog…

And now, we aren’t limited by post code. Bring your bestie, bring your hubby, bring your kids, and let us rub off on all of you! How this is going to work:

  1. Book your session. If you’re not already training with us, or don’t want to share your one-on-one, you can book a FREE Virtual Trial session here (when lock down is over, your friend can join you via zoom while you train live).
  2. Login at the appointed time and train together from anywhere in the world (but Australia & NZ is easiest with time zones!). Catch up, chat, and exercise all at once while teaching our bodies to LIVE better, healthier, and happier!
  3. If they’re worried about cost, you can join our Life Enhancement Project for less than a gym membership here. This project is the IntoYou Gym and Lifestyle all in one ONLINE place! No-one else on the internet is offering the live, interactive, and bespoke options that we are with this project. It is the perfect place for anyone who doesn’t fit the “gym” mould, and needs the level of detail and education that only we can offer.

WE ARE SO EXCITED about this prospect! We are excited to meet your friends and family, who we know are as legendary as you are!

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  1. Claire
    Claire says:

    For me after joining so many gyms and attending so many classes in my life time, into you is so different. The main difference is you never ever feel alone. You guys are with me whatever I decide. Be comfortable in my skin – your with me. Loose a bit of weight – you’ll support me. Get off my meds- ok how can we support you? You guys are like my family and cheerleaders all at once. I’m very thankful for you. You are not here to just make money out of us you generally care and that is the secret ???? who wouldn’t want to share that with their nearest and dearest?


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