Tracey’s Everest Base Camp Experience

Tracey has just returned from Everest Base Camp, in Nepal. This was her first trip with IntoYou, and it was an EPIC one, to say the least! This is her story…

… When I was younger I had read many books about Everest and seen the movies. I had a bit of a fascination with the mountain. I thought those who climbed to the top were crazy but always wanted to see the mountain for myself.

I didn’t quite know what to expect. Some said it was easy others said it was hard. I found it challenging. I have never been so exhausted in my life. Your energy just got depleted. I climbed to Ama Dablam Base Camp and felt good that day but the next day hiking was a relatively easy hike but I found it totally exhausting.  It’s amazing what you can do when you need to do it. You draw energy from within to keep you going. You have to to keep going.

Being totally exhausted I did have some doubts that I could make it. To get through the exhaustion I just kept putting one foot in front of the other – it was slow going but you always made it.

The experience was well worth it. The scenery needs to been seen to be believed. The photos just don’t do it justice. The mountains are towering all around you. The temperatures were the coldest I’d ever been in. I was so proud of myself making it to the top of Kalapatthar. It took all my self belief to get to the top. I was tired. I could see the top. We had to climb over rocks to get there. It was around -30 degrees and my toes & fingers were going numb. Puri our guide said we were only half way. I thought “oh shit what am I doing”. I progressed one step at a time. Slowly getting closer to the top. My mental strength got me through. I had a burst of adrenaline when I was close to the top that helped me get there. I encouraged Mark to get to the top. I’m sure he was glad he made it. I climbed through the prayer flags and sat right on the top. The view was amazing. I had a 360 degree view – frozen lakes, mountains – the sun was rising – it was a very special moment [More on this here].

The hardest thing for me was to leave the mountain.  [Tracey got very sick with 2 days to go, her childhood friend, Katherine, dug her heels in and insisted that she get off the mountain. Full story here]

I felt I needed to be at deaths door to be airlifted out. I suffered from sinus and respiratory problems. I didn’t factor these into my trip although I do have a weakness in my sinuses. The dust didn’t help…”

If you’re entertaining the thought of a trip like this, Tracey’s advice is: “Try – you don’t know how you’ll go. It wasn’t the fittest who got through our trek it was the person who could keep at bay the colds & tummy upsets who made it to the end“. What she says is true, Clare, the Personal Trainer on the trip did not get to EBC or finish hiking, but other regular ol’ mums and IntoYou clients did!!

Tracey’s other advice for potential trekkers is: “Go for it – it’s a great experience. Takes you out of your comfort zone but shows you how resilient you really are.  You are stronger than you think. If you go in November make sure you have the right clothing and that it’s warm enough. Bepanthen is great for dry noses and works a treat (thanks Gina). Drinks lots of water and have electrolytes“.

Tracey was only 2 days off being the ONLY other person (apart from Mark) to complete the trek. She was strong, calm, composed, and determined – even when she felt like death warmed up. Tracey is a mum of two who demonstrates that anyone can literally do anything if their mind is in the right place!

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