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Last Saturday we met at the gym at 730am to head out to West Head for another National Park hike. This one was much shorter than the one we attempted the week before, however there is no way of knowing how long it would take us to do it!

The day started with a dream run to the starting place for the hike, and noone manning the gates, so we didn’t have to pay the $11 entry fee! We were 20min early, so we suited up and did a short 750m hike across the road first. It ended up being the highlight of the day! The track was single trail, through rocky terrain. There was a very steep section at the end that opened up onto a rock platform, with views that ran uninterrupted up and down the coast! We were pretty chuffed! We took our time, enjoying the moment, and were a little bit late getting back down.

From there we crossed the road and headed east. This should have been a short 2.5km hike to Pittwater, but about 2km in the trail took a sharp dive – we scrambled part-way down, before deciding that we should head back because time was getting away from us.

Never the less it was a very pleasant hike! It was good to get off the fire-trail roads and start hiking in true bushland too.

This week we head back to West Head again, this time for a 2hr trundle along the Waratah Track.

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