Tough Mudder Program

Tough Mudder Program of 100 Reps…

You do 10 sets with 10 Reps on a given exercise. Hundreds, as the name implies, involves doing 100 reps!!!


Give yourself 30-60 mins (depending how much time you have). Please complete, once a week on top of your weekly training program.

Start with a Power Plate Warm up or 5-10 Mins on the Bike, Stepper or Rower before completing the 100 Rep Tough Mudder Program.

Jumping Chin up or TRX Pull ups

WP_000490.jpg       WP_000269.jpg  WP_000324.jpg


Power Plate Squats or Squat & Squeeze

photo 1 (4)   The Squat and Squeeze. Draw up the pelvic floor when you squeeze in, and breathe out.

Push ups on the floor (Knees or Toes)        Push up on a Bosu              Push ups with a high 5

WP_000249.jpg WP_000991.jpg High Fives


Walking Lunges

WP_000305.jpg   Add a twist towards the leg that is in front

TRX Mountain Climbers or Floor Mountain Climbers

Knee to elbow Trainer Training 045


Bent over Row

Start position for a basic Bent Over Row

Start position for a basic Bent Over Row


We’ll make real Tough Mudder’s out of you all yet! As always, look after your body, and consult with your trainer if anything is uncomfortable (apart from the usual muscle burn!)


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