Tough Mudder – No Tears In Tutu’s

What. An. Incredible. Weekend.

Exhausting, for the Mudders as well as me!

We left Sydney on a bright and shiny Saturday, for our hired house in Moss Vale. We had it for two nights to save us driving back to Sydney the day of the event. This house was an adventure unto itself. It appeared to be the fantasy house of an Aztec enthusiast, with taxidermied animals all over the walls, and every conceivable piece of furniture and furnishings made from sticks. This house was a noisy house, not just because there were 10 people in it, but the walls and floors groaned loudly every time you shifted your weight. This made going to the bathroom in the middle of the night a very public affair.

Our mudders have been training with Jade and at the gym for 12 solid weeks, but that did not stop them from being nervous. It did not help that Sunday morning was raining and COLD.

However, these are tough chicks (and one tough guy), and noone complained on the 30min drive to Paddys Farm where the tough mudder was to be held.

We arrived with exactly enough time to register and drop our bags off, then they were off!

Trish, Clare, Evie and Maia made our way to kilometre 4, to catch the team do the Arctic Enema. Catch them we did, but the rain also caught us! We sheltered from the squall in an unoccupied Marquee (the owner was packing up but decided to leave up for us and pack up today instead). 90min later we were free to follow the team around the rest of the course. In the squall, our Mudders were climbing mud walls, hauling logs, and leaping over muddy dams. We caught them at kilometre 15, in time for Everest, of which only Maddy and Jade made over. From there it was all downhill and through mud to the end.

It took our “fast” group 4.5hrs, and our “slow” group only 10 minutes longer!

Our team were ordinary folk, and the tough mudder is 20km long. That hike in itself is a tough one! These guys also threw themselves into mud and over walls, and every one finished – rooted but elated!

We retired to our house, and shared a bottle of Port in celebration, this time with our snorers in one room, and quiet sleepers in the other.

Well done to Jade who trained 7 people from Ordinary to Tough Mudder Material in just 3mths!

We look forward to next year!

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