I have been a Stylist for over 15 years and have assisted hundreds of women with tips and tricks to sort out their wardrobe and style needs. 

Over the years I have evolved in this profession and have much more focus on body acceptance and happiness. I absolutely love watching the transformation clients have when they stand in front of a mirror in an outfit they love. They smile, gain height, their posture changes, and they can see a positive reflection. It’s amazing.

Before spending time with me most clients were quite critical about their body, hated shopping, and the feeling of overwhelm that came with it. They didn’t know where to start, and even when they went shopping they often left empty handed, or with an outfit they weren’t 100% comfortable in.

With that in mind I wanted to share my top tips as a Stylist in the hope you will start to look at your body differently, shop differently, be happier and have more fun…

1. When you look in the mirror try not to focus on one part, look at your body as a whole and notice how your clothes affect your proportions. Where do they draw attention to? Is the length right etc? It’s all about balance, not just covering the bits you’re uncomfortable with, often that has the opposite effect. It’s so easy for us to focus on the bits we don’t like but try moving that focus to the bits you DO like a bit more and draw attention there.

2. When shopping or creating outfits at home, please don’t judge an item from the hanger.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I have picked an item for someone and I get that…. ’there’s no way that will work Charlie, look’ … but once they get it on they see why and often love it.  Clothes look so different on the body as opposed to the hanger and how you wear it matters. 

3. Don’t be scared to try things you wouldn’t normally try. Once you step outside your comfort zone with clothes you’ll find a new confidence, carry yourself a little taller and won’t feel stuck in a rut grabbing the same clothes day in day out. A good starting point is with colour. Try introducing a new colour and if you’re a little scared start with accessories, ie a belt, bag, shoes etc.

4. You’ve probably heard the statement… ‘Women wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time’ which basically means a lot of unworn items in your wardrobe so my tip is when you’re shopping, before you buy it think of  2 or 3 ways you could wear it.  That way you know it’s money well spent and you’ll get the most out of it.

5. I love the quote…’The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear’. It doesn’t matter what is ‘IN’ this season, style is individual and effortless style comes from being confident in your body and what you’re wearing. Once you know what works for YOUR body, dressing it becomes easier and shopping becomes more fun. Try and work on how you feel about your body without the clothes and then decorate accordingly.

x Charlie

Charlie is a body therapy counselor, a stylist, and personal trainer who has worked with thousands of women, over almost as many years. She is uniquely qualified to offer her perspective on this topic, and can help you heal your self worth by retraining your brain (not by changing your body!). To book a free session with Charlie, use this link here. To book a Wardrobe Audit, Styling and Self Esteem Session, or a shopping trip, check out her store here.

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