Today is Tuesday

We have started losing our minds a little already, but i have worked out that today is Tuesday. To give an indication of how mental we are already, have a read of this observation from Kass; Di’s flaps are not a long or furry as hers… in regards to her beaver hat of course!

On Sunday night we had access to doonas at our teahouse, and Michele needed 2 on top of her -30° sleeping bag. Considering it wasn’t even 0° yet, she found out that it was a little too much!

Yesterday we were mucking around after lunch, and one of our girls leant back saying “I’m dying”, just as the room went quiet… and also farted at the same time. Needless to say the whole room errupted!

Our entire group stopped to have a look at Babs on a Pony

We had 4hrs of uphill after that, so Babs caught a donkey as she was concerned about finishing in the dark. It was grueling, and frequented by herds of donkeys and yaks. When the herds pass, you have to press up against the mountain, because the animals can knock you off if you’re standing on the edge – side. Kass got caught at one point on a very steep ledge with a yak coming right at her. She tried to ride and tripped on her sticks. It was very frightening and she copped a serve from a terrified shepherd, but thankfully emerged unscathed.

Dahl Bat…. the longest lasting was Ali, who ate it everyday until the last half-week!

We had some huge swinging bridges to cross yesterday. Terry and Mark did an amazing job of staying composed despite being scared of heights… and these were dizzily high!

Speaking of swinging bridges

We were lucky with hot showers and en-suites last night. Mark received a disgruntled note under his door from the room underneath who described his movements as “shocking”!!

Today was supposed to be an “acclimatisation day”. We expected that to be a rest… instead we climbed 3hrs of stairs, then came back down again! We got our first glimpse of Everest today, which was also very exciting.

A few of us have had headaches and had mild belly issues, but so far everyone has been able to hike. We have a well earned afternoon off now, which will give us a reprieve.

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