Thr1ve Workout

One of my clients introduced me to Thr1ve philosophies and products yesterday, so today i thought we would try it out!

This is a 20min workout (we took 30 by the time we warmed up and cooled down), that works all parts of the body. The best thing about it is how we have to control momentum, which means you are working your abs right down to the deepest layer – important for my IntoMum’s, as they are lifting kids all day.


This is what we did:

1) 20 (each leg) walking lunges with weights held off the shoulders (5kg) – weight held high lifts the centre of gravity in the body, meaning your abs and back have to work harder, plus it is harder to balance.
2) 20 tyre flips – particular emphasis on a good deadlift, then flipping the tyre, not simply walking forward until it falls on its own!
3) 50 rope flicks – we are careful again here to use your body. using arms alone can strain the neck.
4) 20 step and push – this was instead of a sled run, as we do not have a sled. However the muscles involved are similar.
5) 20 thruster – tough straight after pushing!
6) 20 woodchop each side – we do this exercise with a sledgehammer, and bounce it off a tyre.


The verdict from my experimental mums, tough session! We will see how they pull up tomorrow!

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