This is Why We Do It – The Positive Impact of a Healthy Social Group

I asked one of the Run Clubbies last week if Run Club last year was as fun as it is this year, and she said “no”. It made me wonder why that was, and what made a group fun? Lets start with a brief comparison…

Last year’s group:

  • 3 participants
  • Different Locations
  • One homework session a week
  • All the perks of a IntoYou group like casual gym membership and a weights program.

This year’s group:

  • 6 participants
  • Different Locations
  • One homework session a week
  • All the perks of a IntoYou group like casual gym membership and a weights program.
  • The participants prioritise a coffee break after every session!

The everyone in the group is busy, but despite that we take a moment to share a coffee after the run. That moment is fantastic. We have just shared an experience, with Maddy in charge that usually means a bit of pain, then we have the conversely positive moment of sunshine, good company, and coffee (and for Clare, FOOD!). We chat about life and exercise, our families, and generally get to know each other. In addition, Maddy has us post our homework run to a private facebook group each week, so we can electronically pat each other on the back. These two factors result in fostering a very positive relationship among the group. This team love their sessions each week, and their mutual interest in each other will probably transcend the end of the group!

Fostering positive relationships is powerful when developing new habits. Over my 15 years as a trainer, I can see that when someone has support, they thrive. When you look at your own life, look at your social circle. What do you guys do when you catch up? Do you go for dinner? wine? cake? or do you go walking? camping? running? If you goal is weight loss or fitness, I can guarantee you’ll be more successful if your support crew do the latter when you catch up! This includes your family, do you kick a ball together or go out for ice cream?

Remember that your habits and your example will impact your children throughout their lives! If you want them to be happy and healthy, then YOU have to be happy and healthy. This will mean overcoming Mumma guilt occasionally and taking valuable time out to look after YOU (or even better, involve your kids in your healthy habits – like bringing them to the gym!).

Our Run Club this year have been a fantastic example of how rewarding a positive social group can be. As a part of this group (for once as a participant), I have had the opportunity to contrast group membership with pottering along on my own. I can tell you now that belonging to the right group will make or break your health and fitness goals; and I suppose the same could be said for any life goal you have.

Take a moment today top reflect on your life’s goals, and your social circle. Perhaps a change can be made to ensure you’re more successful!

Our next group is BOOTCAMP, start Saturday 29th August at 9.30am. The group is $199 and includes:

  • 12 bootcamp sessions ($264)
  • 12 weeks casual gym membership ($132)
  • Training T ($20)
  • Weights program ($66).

We will certainly make time to share a coffee at the end, too! Come and be a part of it!

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  1. Lyndall
    Lyndall says:

    I loved it today.
    Enjoyed the company, the challenge and chats, next week I’ll add coffee to the list as well.
    Count me in for the new boot camp on August 29th.


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