The Life Enhancement Project

The Life Enhancement Project is a community that has been birthed out of the extremely difficult times of COVID19. It is FREE until April 14th, and free forever for our active clients, this project is an attempt to address a number of issues created by the COVID19 situation, including:

  1. Loss of job/income
  2. Gyms being closed
  3. Loss of social connection as we “socially isolate”
  4. Degradation of our health as we stay in more, and move less.

The Life Enhancement Project undertakes to:
1) Be affordable, less than gym membership, in fact it’s free for active IntoYou members (training regularly at least 1x fortnight)
2) Keep you in an exercise habit – vital for a healthy immune, disease prevention, mental health and resilience
3) Connect socially, safely
4) Address all aspects of your health, including self esteem, anxiety, nutrition, and MORE.

In essence, we are attempting to be and give all of “us” – who we are as a team, how we operate, and encompassing all aspects of health – in one, low cost package. It is a subscription service to a Facebook group, where we plan to overhaul your lifestyle in a positive, interactive, educative, and FUN way! Bit by bit, step by step, and week by week we add to your knowledge base, give you small changes to integrate in to your life, until you look back in a year or so and are surprised by how far you’ve come! Powerfully, it is interactive. You have 24/7 access to each trainer for a full week after their session, by simply posting to the group page. This is important as we want each and every one of you to get personal attention and a personal twist on every program we send you.

Join us every Friday at 12pm for a Facebook Live session, up to an hour with one of us! The session is recorded for you to watch, and re-watch later! Each session is also saved as a “unit”, so after a period of time there will be a plethora of strength training programs, nutrition tips, HIIT sessions, play sessions, and more for you to choose from. All you ever have to do is MAKE time to do it.

We will rotate the subject each week – For example, an at-home weights program week 1, nutrition coaching week 2, a HIIT session week 3, a Styling and Self Esteem session week 4, a mediation week 5… and MORE! Let us take care of your fitness, nutrition, mental health, and spiritual needs ALL FROM HOME!

This program is not just for the COVID lockdown period, but also for afterwards. We created this program because we see you. We see you home schooling two kids while your toddler gets in to your make up then climbs on to the couch for a nap. We see you juggling online school logins with making the sudden switch to working from home and online. We see your anxiety about your family’s health, and that you’re busting yourself to make sure everyone else is okay…

We are mums too. And besides the immediate threat of the virus, we also see issues with the long-term effects of lockdown… issues that we can do something about! We are worried about what the long term, adverse health affects are going to be from the constant anxiety, stress, inactivity, and social isolation. We are worried about your bone density, your mental health, your resilience. In fact, it only takes 6 weeks of inactivity for your bone mineral density to start to decrease, and children’s bodies especially need to load their bones against gravity frequently to avoid osteoporosis when they’re older.
We are seeing our clients lose their jobs, or have their shifts cut down. We’ve seen the ONE thing that you do for yourself being taken away – whether that’s getting your nails done, going to the gym, pilates, coffee with the school mum’s, or lunch with your friends. We just had to do something, create something, and implement a strategy to combat these issues before they happen! Whether or not you make this project your “one thing” or something else, make sure you take affirmative action to maintain your health. Being socially isolated is detrimental to you mentally, emotionally, and will decrease your immune function – you must reach out! Being inactive has similar health consequences for your cognitive fitness, physical fitness, and immune responsiveness, so a program the includes movement will go a long way to inoculating you against these problems.
We WILL get through this, but we will get through it better together. Reach out to use or literally anyone else who is doing a program that interests you, make positive, consistent changes to your lifestyle, and MOVE EVERYDAY!
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