The IntoYou Choir

After Kass accidentally ordered porridge for dinner last night, and Terry lost her glasses (which were on her head), and Justine tried to sterilise her water with the lid on the steripen, Jen insisted we all participate in the IntoYou Choir.

We were mostly good sports, especially Carol, Di, Kass, and Jen who wrote their own song for the occasion!

Glimpse of Mt Everest

We had time yesterday afternoon to explore. Michele, Tracey, Gretchen, Caeol, Kass and Gina went for a walk to a nearby village and met a runner who is participating in the Everest Marathon next week. He has summited Everest 4 times as a cook for a trekking company.

Michele made a faux pax when she enquired say a shop whether one of their products were condoms… it was chewing tobacco, much to the amusement of the entire village that happened to be sitting on the shop’s stoop!

Clare was a little grumpy yesterday, with her cough, and Jen enquired “who pissed on your chips”?

after the “pissed on chips” comment…

Julie spent yesterday afternoon in misery with altitude sickness. She was monitored by our fantastic Hike Nepal guides and improved this morning. By mid morning she was well enough to indulge in “black Panadol” (coke), but has taken the day really slow… We are still waiting on her, Babs, Jen, and Deb to come in. Actually, they’ve just walked in, and Jules is almost back to her cheeky self! Babs has been fine all day but she has had a little tear now she’s made it.

In other news, Di slipped gracefully on a rock. Our new favorite guide, Super Puri, whipped off his backpack and was down helping her up in seconds. He then ripped some branches off a tree and used them to clean up her rear end. Michele remarked that “you’ve got to fall over to earn an ass whipping”!

Jen remarked to another guide, Tendi, about how great Babs walked today. He agreed then said “this one troubled” in regards to Julie who was falling apart. Jules had the tenacity to give him the bird!!!

We are at a monastery right now eating dahl bat, then off exploring!

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