The Definition of Life Changing Training: More than Weight Loss

I feel like trainers generally have the idea that “changing lives” is about losing weight… But if your uterus was on the outside of your body, wouldn’t reversing the prolapse one stage be life changing (especially if it was no longer symptomatic). What about helping a child with CP walk again? or solving a post-natal mother’s incontinence?

We have such an opportunity in the fitness industry to do exactly what we set out to do – change lives, but our definition of what is a changed life needs a little work!

For sure, losing weight helps a huge range of issues, from sore feet to high blood pressure; but is it the weight loss, or improved health that is the truly life changing event? And if it’s the health, whether it’s weaning of diabetes medications, to reducing blood pressure, is it possible to do this without the weight loss emphasis? And if it is, what would this do for the psychology of the person training? What would it do to our definition of success?

At IntoYou, we are honestly aiming for life changing training in a 30 minute session. Everything, from the warm up to the exercise selection has a reason BEYOND flogging the person to burn as many calories as possible; from increasing your happy hormones to increasing lean muscle mass and resting metabolic rate, there are plenty of ways to skin a cat! You’ll see how this approach is also effective for weight loss by reading Sascha’s story here. But MORE than weight loss, we reduced her back pain, rebuilt her deep core, worked on her happiness and confidence… we nurtured her. Again, what’s more life changing?

What would change YOUR life? Being able to perform your activities of daily life with ease, or being super lean but hardly able to move from tight, anxious body systems? And how does this shift affect how you think about your training programs?

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