Testimonial Tuesday: Tanya!

Tanya came to us because she lived up the road. Regarding the condition she had, she knew that regular exercise was a vital component of successful recovery, yet was fearful to train just anywhere, and didn’t know how to start on her own.

At the time, there were further life stressors in addition to her health journey, and she could have easily been forgiven for it being “too hard” to show up to a personal training studio! Her attitude was that she was going to “try it out” and see what happens… and this is the result:

I joined Into You Fitness after a major operation, the girls have been so supportive and built my strength and confidence it was the best decision I ever made. I love my training every week and feel myself getting stronger and not forgetting Claire whose massages and facials are amazing!!

She’s not only getting stronger, but healthier. She’s making time to nurture her soul, her self esteem, and her mental health as well as her physical health. The puppy helps with her activity between sessions too!

Tanya, we are proud of you, not just because you’re consistent and you’re getting fitter and stronger. We are proud of you for just showing up, having been through what you’ve been through. You’ve shown up desperately ill, you’ve shown up crushingly anxious, you’ve shown up even though you’re millimetres from tears (and sometimes properly in them!). You are one heck of a woman and we love you as much as you love your training!

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