Testimonial Tuesday: Morgan!

Morgan started at IntoYou on the recommendation of her physio, whom she was seeing for her “mummy belly” – the “pooch” that many women experience post-birth is often caused by diastasis, or abdominal separation, but many go undiagnosed and without physio! Diastasis can cause or contribute to lower back painconstipation, and urine leaking. It can even make it harder to breathe and to move normally. It’s rare, but some cases a hernia can develop (where the connective tissue tears and your organs poke through).

Diastasis Recti

One version of what diastasis can look like

Diastasis affects overweight men, babies, and most commonly pregnant and post natal women. The separation should shrink after giving birth, but in some studies of women with diastasis recti, the muscle wasn’t back to normal even a year later. This is where education, screening, and physio is super important for post natal women, and is a glaring gap in the healthcare offered to women in Australia right now.

If you think your hip, lower back, or breathing problems could be attributed to your diastasis, see one of these wonderful physios ASAP. IT’s never too late to start rehabilitating it, and then YOUR story could be like Morgans! Morgan saw Penny Hanlon from Narrabeen Sports Physio, you can book in with her online here.

To see the impact of the skills we taught Morgan on a woman with diastasis, watch this video:

This is what she has to say:

I started IntoYou about 6 months ago on the advice from a physiotherapist to help with my ab separation. After my second pregnancy my ab separation was quite pronounced and my belly domes as a result. 

After 6 months of personal training with Jade and following the restore your core program my physiotherapist was able to confirm a 1.5cm improvement in my ab separation. Very happy! Also, my back pain has completely gone! I had recurrent back pain as a result of my weak core and was a regular at the physio before starting with IntoYou. 

I highly recommend IntoYou for mum’s like me with ab separation and back pain. My personal trainer Jade has been so supportive and encouraging, tailoring the exercises for my body and my goals.

I have never liked gyms or exercise more generally but I have felt so comfortable and happy at IntoYou and with Jade. Thank you IntoYou!

We should also note that Morgan didn’t train with us every week, instead she used the workout videos that she was given when she joined, that are also available on The Life Enhancement Project, and saw Jade fortnightly to keep herself accountable (and her PT costs lower)! We can work to fit any budget. So most of Morgan’s success is due to her own work, and not what we did with her in her session – GO MORGAN!

Morgan’s feedback means so much to us, because it is exactly what we mean by the IntoYou Life. Life changing training is not about how you look, in fact, i would challenge you to lose 5kg and see if you feel differently about your body. After 20 years in the fitness industry, we have learned that life changing is about how you LIVE. In Morgan’s case, she’s pain free, her organs are on her inside, and she’s significantly reduced her chances of developing incontinence and other chronic health issues. It’s now on the cards to run around with her kids! THIS is life changing, and this is the kind of work we do every day, in every 30min session.

Try it for free here!

Want the skills to get results like these with your clients? Enrol in our next Burrell Education Modern Pregnancy or Post Natal Exercise and Wellness Course to set your skills and business ahead of every other trainer in Australia!

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