Testimonial Tuesday: Louise!

Louise has done one of these for us before, three years ago when she joined, initially to lose weight (we soon re-educated her, don’t worry!!). Jade helped her through some tough health challenges, and she has managed them and some others quite well! Louise is bubbly, excitable, and always fun to have around, during this time over COVID19, we have had a staunch and vocal supporter in her!

Most recently, she posted this shout out on her page about our Life Enhancement Project:

While the Covid19 pandemic has been happening I’ve still been able to “see” my personal trainer, Charlie at IntoYou: Life Enhancement Centre

The benefits to me have been tremendous both physically and mentally. The other day I was having an emotional time of it just before my session. I thought I couldn’t go ahead but I did. And you know what? I felt so much better for it. Thanks Charlie xx

The trainers have also been doing a live session at least weekly covering topics like fitness, nutrition and mental health through #thelifeenhancementproject. It can be trialled *free* for 2 weeks then it’s a nominal amount each week.

Post pandemic lock down it’s time to support small, local businesses much more than we did “before”. I know where my support is going!

Our “Review us and Win” competition over April and May was run in conjunction with our Make One Change program, which for May was to Send Positive Feedback. It was an unexpectedly wonderful exercise for us, who had suffered a know of confidence over the pandemic, and were desperately insecure in our jobs. Reading the reviews was the boost to our confidence that us trainers needed, and it was with great pleasure that we announced the winner, drawn from a hat, last week. It was Louise!

This was her response:

Wow how lucky am I to win the competition! I put something on Facebook last night…it shows just how excited I am!!

Thanks for the offer but …I already signed up for boot camp! 😂😂

Thank you for keeping going with such determination and thoughtfulness about your clients during this horrible time. It’s been a great stop gap being able to stay virtually connected. However, I can’t wait to get back to the real gym and having real contact with my trainers!

Thanks Clare, looking forward to Bootcamp, Hiking Group and lots of fingers crossed … Cape to Cape

As you can seem Louise is literally “into” everything, and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

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