Testimonial Tuesday from Thecla Haven

Thecla is one of our nominees for this quarters Client of the Quarter, and wife of last quarter’s winner, so you’d be forgiven for expecting her to be a confident, go-get-em kind of lady, but she wasn’t… at least until now! Thecla was dragged in begrudgingly by her daughter when Tony was going through his health trials and couldn’t accompany her to the gym, you can read more about Tony here, and Thecla’s introduction to the gym here.

Since being nominated and reading about why, Thecla has had a chance to reflect on her experience and tell us the story from her own experience.

… Going to a gym was the very last thing on my mind!!

I was very happy waving Tony and Sarah off to their twice weekly sessions and then making them a rejuvenating cuppa when they got home to debate who won the bike race.

Back in May 2018 Tony had to have a pacemaker fitted and the lovely Jade suggested to Sarah that maybe her mother would like to take up Tony’s classes whist he was out of action for the three weeks. I must say I was quite apprehensive to do this but with a lot of pushing and shoving ( in other words bullying…LOL) I went. I have to admit the classes weren’t as bad as I thought they would be and I kind of started to enjoy them, Jade being such a lovely, kind, encouraging and patient teacher.

After three weeks Tony and I toddled off to Scandinavia and Russia for eight weeks. Unfortunately on the trip Tony ruptured his Achilles tendon so was out of action for another 12 weeks….in steps Thecla again. I was really starting to like this gym thing. Once Tony came back to the classes I stayed on.

I feel I have come a long way with my training and level of fitness due to the expert guidance of all the IntoYou trainers, always encouraging  me every step of the way. Also I should add here that my blood pressure medication was recently reduced by half and that is all due to being committed to my exercising classes.

Recently I was given a voucher for a styling session with Charlie. Not really sure of what this entailed I went to the appointment a little perplexed. It was very pleasing to know that quite a bit in my wardrobe was suited to me and Charlie gave advice on what to do with some of the other garments to make them suitable, quite a few straight to Vinnies. Getting someone else’s professional view on my wardrobe was invaluable and gave my self-esteem quite a boost. I must say here that all the jeans I was wearing in Scandinavia are now at Vinnie’s awaiting new owners due to dropping three pants sizes…… and that my friends is with all the help and guidance from IntoYou.

PS I keep getting told there is no such word as CAN’T…… at this stage for me there still is but not as much as there use to be!

[and to finish with a quote]

“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid sideways, champagne in one hand – strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming……….WOOHOOO what a ride!!”

Thecla, we are just as proud of you as you are of yourself! We are stoked in the reduction of your meds, your weight loss, and your improved confidence and self esteem! THANK YOU for trusting us and training with us!


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