2021 & 2022 Adventure Program

Our 2022 Adventure Program is shaping up to be an exhilarating experience!

Surfing Group 2021

Well, Surfing Group has just finished this year, and didn't we…

Testimonial Tuesday: Julie Hogan!

Julie has been a stalwart of IntoYou for a number of years, and…

Ending the Year with a BANG!

Talk about ending 2020 with a BANG! Oh. My. Gosh. We have so…

Surfing Group 2020 Run Down

We had our last Surfing Group session last Saturday, and i can…

2020 Adventure Program

We have organised our 2020 Adventure Program a little early this…

Surfing Group 2019 Run Down

Surfing Group this year was a little different to last year,…

2019 Adventure Calendar

Once again 2019 promises to be as exciting and as full of experiences…

FOUR Gym Trips in 2019!

We are so excited to announce we are doing 4 gym trips in 2019!…

Portfolio Items

2018 Gym Trip: Surfing and Yoga in Bali

Our 2018 Gym trip took a left hand turn from trips that went…