Kids Train Free

Our Bootcamp was small last weekend, but what really stood out…

Exercise When You Have a Headache

Headaches can often put the brakes on our exercise plans. I am…

The Clare Hozack & Jenny Burrell Story

For some, my affiliation with Burrell Education would have come…

End of the day Quickie

So it's the end of a loooong day, and all you want to do is put…

This Email Made Our Hearts Swell With Pride

We received the most beautiful email last week from a very valued…

Your Daughter Will Benefit By Training Together With Mum

I grew up with a stay-at-home dad (he was an athlete); even when…

Jodi Will Forever Remember Her Trip to Nepal!

Jodi was very brave, signing up for our 2016 Nepal trip without…

2017 Gym Trips - A Year Of Adventure!

So 2017 is certainly gearing up to be the year of adventures,…

Deep Core & Pelvic Floor Seminar

We will be hosting a Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Seminar on Tuesday…

Portfolio Items

We Are Going Back to Nepal!

We had such a wonderful experience in Nepal 2016 that we are headed back in 2017!