Kids Train Free

Our Bootcamp was small last weekend, but what really stood out…

Exercise When You Have a Headache

Headaches can often put the brakes on our exercise plans. I am…

Healthy Winter Comfort Food

So winter has FINALLY descended on us, and all i want is buttered…

Your Daughter Will Benefit By Training Together With Mum

I grew up with a stay-at-home dad (he was an athlete); even when…

Jen is now a Certified IntoYou Adventure Junkie!

Jen is a regular face at our adventures, having missed only one…

Deep Core & Pelvic Floor Seminar

We will be hosting a Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Seminar on Tuesday…

April's Adventures

April was a month for adventures! For those of you who missed…

Day 11 Hiking

Day 11 It's our last day of hiking and Vikas is still calling…

Day 10 Hiking

Ghorepani to Sadame This morning we were up at 430am to climb…

Portfolio Items

We Are Going Back to Nepal!

We had such a wonderful experience in Nepal 2016 that we are headed back in 2017!