Tabata Intervals with Whole Body Exercise

Last week we concentrated on cardio in our exercise training. Tabata Intervals are a neat way to tick both cardio and resistance training boxes. Plus, you can pretty much do any exercise you like in each 20 second block. This is one variation of about 7 that we modified for each and every client.


Perform 20 seconds of one exercise, then enjoy 10 seconds off, then perform 20 seconds of another exercise, and enjoy 10 seconds off. Repeat this for 4 minutes (4 of each exercise), then have a full minute off for a drink and to set up the next block. We did 4 blocks in 30 minutes.

Here are 4 exercises for two of these blocks. More ideas following the gallery.


We also incorporated bike, skipping, and rowing sprints. We used alternative exercises like Mountain Climbers, Jump Chin Ups, Reverse Hover Roll Over, etc. We also did a simple 4 1/2 minute block of bench press, bent over row, and squats. The options are endless, hence the popularity of this form of training!

Good luch and have fun!

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