Surfing & Yoga Adventure Day 8 & 9

Day 8 & 9… it came up on us so fast!! We could have surfed, done yoga, slept, ate, repeated for at least another week! We had a lazy morning before saying our goodbyes to Ken and his team at Hidden Valley Resort. We are in the car for the next 2 hours travelling to Ubud.

We arrived to Tegal Sari & had a tour of our hotel before heading out to lunch. We had several hours explore Ubud and the markets before it was time to eat again. We had to be in bed early (8.30pm) due to a early start tomorrow for the hike up Mt Batur. and when i say early… i mean properly early!

Day 9

We had a 1.30am wake up call… you read right! We we’re hiking up Mt Batur this morning and wanted to catch the sunrise. I was a little stressed as the driver was 30mins late as he was driving up from Hidden Valley Resort but he got here in the end.

After an hour drive to the foot of the mountain. We meet with the guide and started trekking in the dark. This hike duration was suggested 2-3 hours up but we did it in 1 hour & 40mins. I was so proud of the girls and Kass especially who was trekking with no ACL after having a accident four weeks ago at work. There was about an hour to spare before the sun came up. We had our eggs, banana sandwiches and tea to keep us warm & happy! We had an amazing view of Lombok & Mt Agung. It was about 2 1/2 hour hike down but we took a longer, easy and more scenic trail.

We are all pretty shattered from the hike and most of us had a snooze on the way back.

In the afternoon we adventured out to go sightseeing to the Hindu temple and the Tegallang rice terrace.

We got dropped to this amazing cafe called “Clear Cafe” in Ubud for dinner before walking through the shops to get back to our hotel. We have had the most amazing time here in Bali from the surfing, yoga, trekking and relaxation. It’s a trip that has everything you want in it and more! One day to go!



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