Final Surfing & Yoga Day! Adventure Day 7

It was our final day of surfing and we came back to Dreamland beach due to the heavy swell everywhere else. There we’re some really big sets coming across from Padang Padang beach but Marcel & Calvin made sure we got through the break without too much carnage! It was our final day surfing and yoga-ing and we wanted to make the most of it!

Anna finding her groove and wishing for one more day of surfing but looking forward to surfing her own break back at home.


I love this photo! It just captures how much fun we had surfing with Marcel & Calvin.

We are still smiling & laughing after our final surfing session today. The 12 weeks of surfing group has paid off and now we are making arrangements to meet up and surf together back at home.

We also had our final yoga session with Daniel this afternoon. It started by using the slings to get in to a downward dog push up followed by a yoga flow. Daniel was very sweet to give us all A perfect foundation t-shirt. A charity which he is passionate about.

A Perfect Foundation is our For-Social Change Organisation created to educate and empower local communities in remote global regions to make a sustainable difference. Founded by a group of surfers who wanted to give back to the island communities that have allowed others to enjoy their natural resources for many years before them.

They established their first Education and Conservation Centre in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia in 2015.  Located in the small coastal village of Mapadeget in North Sipora, they have been working together with local communities and its members to help reduce plastic waste ever since.

Remote Islands in Indonesia such as the Mentawai’s are recognized internationally as one of the few remaining places on the planet as having unique cultural and ecological assets. These need to be preserved, not exploited and destroyed. In the last few decades, vast tracts of Amazonian and Indonesian rainforest have disappeared and then lost forever. We’ve seen marine environments spoiled as plastics and pollutants have poisoned once pristine waterways as no or little education has been provided on waste management or recycling options.

A Perfect Foundation realizes that the time is now! We all need to collectively take proactive action to protect these unique marine and forested environments.

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram , or Online!

It’s our last night out before we leave for Ubud tomorrow morning. We had dinner at Suka which was very nice before hitting the hay as we are physically & mentally exhausted from today’s final surfing session… or perhaps the accumulation of surfing sessions!


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