Surfing & Yoga Adventure Day 4

Today we had a very lazy morning after yoga as we are not surfing until this afternoon. Time to chill around the pool, massage, reading & snoozing until we head out to lunch…Tough life!

How beautiful…The manger Ken paid for a complementary birthday present for Kass today. After some initial communication issues, we cannot recommend The Perfect Travel Group enough, they have bent over backwards to accommodate us and our changing circumstances. This latest gift to Kass is just another recommendation for them!

We are all looking forward to today’s session; we are all still on a high from yesterday’s surf. It’s day 3 of surfing and we were trying another beach called Dreamland, but unfortunately there weren’t any waves so Calvin & Hank (surf instructor) decided to go back to Padang Pandang. It was small but we just made the most of it. Listen to us now, when we were learning in Sydney it was never small enough!

Jo working really hard to keep her hands off the board and to look straight ahead while surfing.

We headed out to a Italian restaurant tonight but we ended up going to the wrong Italian restaurant accidentally due to the miscommunication with staff & the taxis driver!!! But we are very HANGRY surfers that need to eat ASAP!








We had a few drinks too many, and lots of deep and meaningful conversation, but had to wind it up as we will be up early to surf tomorrow morning!

Anna making the most of “two hands time” without her 3 kids!


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