Surfing & Yoga Adventure Day 1

DAY 1 – We had a early 6am start (a sleep in for Jade) but very excited to get going on our 10 days of surfing, yoga, sightseeing & shopping!!! While jade, kass & Sandra we’re waiting in line for Jo who only lived 10mins away from the airport. She was the last one to arrive with only a second to spare or a shout out from Sandra “Over hear Jo” as she made her way to the front counter.

It was a 7 hour flight which was made easy by 3 movies, reading, eating & napping!

After collecting our bags & going through  customs. We were swamped by a sea of people and took us a good few minutes to find our driver. We said look out for “IntoYou Retreat” or “Hidden valley resort” but it was “Jade Sample” Jo spotted the sign right in front of us!

It was about hour drive to the resort due to the afternoon traffic so the driver took us out for a sightseeing drive to the biggest statue (130m) they are building here in Bali plus a great lookout where you can see Mt Agung & Mt Batur in the distance.

We had arrived to our new home for the next few days of paradise. We were greeted by a cold refreshing drink which kass the instigator said “I need something stronger” so a few sneaky drops of duty free spirits when it to the mix. After chilling in the lobby and dipping the toes in the pool. It was now time to do a little workout before dinner.

Anyone interested???…nope! It was only quick 15mins of stretching, 1-2 sets of chin up, push up & Lunges & some foam rolling..

After a few sets, Sandra & Jo came to join me with the stretching, foaming plus a refreshing dip in the pool afterwards.

Tried & hungry we decided to have a easy dinner at the restaurant before heading to bed. Looking forward to our first day of surfing & yoga in Bali.

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